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Guy Eaker Ott Defoe Aron Martens Timmy Horton Randy Howell Jason Christie Gary Yamamoto Brent Ehrler Randall Tharp
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Bryan Thrift Casey Ashley Paul Elias Clifford Pirch Matt Arey Steve Browning Anthony Gagliardi Mark Rose Britt Myers

Motormate Testing Grounds - As you know, if you fish for a living as the pros do, you will put 30 - 40 thousand miles on your boat, trailer and motor. This has been the real test for Motormate. If it can handle what the pros put it through, then you as a weekend angler have no worries.
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The MOTORMATE locking system is a most reliable transom saver and will fit most Evinrude, Mercury, Johnson, and Yamaha outboard motors.

Motormate is the single best way to protect your outboard motor transom, steering cables, and hydraulics during transport of your boat and outboard motor.  Motormate locking system protects, Johnson motors, yamaha motors, and Evinrude motors.


End Cap Improvement Project


Protect your investment in your outboard motor while towing your boat on the highway and off-road.  Motormate keeps your outboard motor from bouncing and jostling that inflicts collateral damage to your engine’s steering cables, hydraulic lines, housing, and finishing.

As a note of interest, many of our customers stumble upon us while performing searches on Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines for search terms such as "lock-n-haul, swivl ease, transom savers"; and other searches like, "Evinrude, Mercury, Yamamha, E-Tec, and Johnson"; we end up being offered as a legitimate offering by the search engines.  If you are one of these people, we welcome you to Motormate - the most effective transom saver, outboard motor locking system avaialble on the market today.




Your outboard motor is a major investment and protecting it while transporting it to the water should be a top priority.  The MOTORMATE locking system locks your outboard motor in place preventing costly damage to your steering system and excess torque on your transom.  MOTORMATE also releases pressure off your hydraulic system. 





There was a recent traffic accident involving a boat being towed while using a Motormate. The damage was rather involving the truck, the boat trailer and the boat but the motor escaped dire consequences despite the boat leaving the trailer.


“My boat was involved in an accident where it was hit by a distracted driver while parked on the road. The impact to the rear corner of the boat caused it to become unhitched from the truck and sent into the ditch where the boat left the trailer. Through all this the motor remained in its trailering position with the motormate completely intact, protecting the motor from severe damage. If I had a traditional transom saver the motor would have been damaged for sure when the boat left the trailer. Thanks to motormate, the new motor I had just installed on the boat (9 hours on it) came out of the wreck completely unscathed while the boat and trailer were write-offs. Thanks Motormate for making a great product!” Thanks, Tom


The MOTORMATE locking system has been powder coated and all moving parts are made of stainless steel for longevity and durability.



MOTORMATE is proudly made in the U.S.A.